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Information for Students Seeking a MUSE Mentor

Many students have sent emails to on how to find a MUSE mentor.  Here are some of the strategies that have worked in the past.  This is by no means an exhaustive strategy.

  • If you are interested in doing MUSE, students need to find a faculty mentor. Typically, MUSE is a faculty centric project where a student will assist on some aspect of a faculty member’s scholarly work.
  • Some departments/faculty may have a formalized process and will ask you to fill out the Student Application from the RFP to help them decide who will do MUSE with the faculty.
  • Some students have found their MUSE mentor just by visiting the professors they have had in class.  Students could ask their instructors what are their scholarly interests.  If the student is interested in that scholarly area, you may ask the faculty mentor if he/she has considered doing MUSE.  Sometimes, the faculty mentor may not have a MUSE slot and will direct the student to another faculty mentor who is looking for a MUSE student.
  • Some faculty members may approach a student they have had in class to do MUSE because of their performance in their coursework.
  • Some students approach faculty members with an idea for a project and if the faculty mentor buys into the idea and has closely aligned interests, a proposal can be submitted.