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Integrating Cloud Services and Social Network Characteristics in Application Development

Faculty Mentor: Peter DePasquale

Students:  Alexa Cain & Lindsey Nice

This project’s goal was to develop a web-based application for the TCNJ Admissions Office. The students gained experience in both theory and implementation of technologies such as Enterprise-level Java, HTML, CSS, Java Server Pages, and MySQL databases. A combination of a Tomcat server and cloud computing via Amazon Web Services was also used to host the project and ensure scalability.

Currently, the admissions counselors at TCNJ collect contact information from prospective students at college fairs using pen and paper. The information is then typed manually into a computer in a process that can take weeks. The application streamlines this process and minimizes human error by offering a web-based form that can be accessed on any tablet, laptop, or smartphone for students to fill out. Data entered into the form is then securely stored in a database, and students receive an immediate email response confirming their interest. Students can also be sent reminder emails about important application dates.

Furthermore, the data collected in the database can be used by the Admissions Department to analyze attended events and students reached. Counselors can track which events reach the highest number of students and plan next year’s events accordingly. Eventually, graphs and charts will be integrated to further ease this analysis.

Development on this application will continue in the future in the Computer Science Department. The goal is for the Admissions Department to have a testable prototype to bring to college fairs for testing this coming fall.