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Michael Additions of Unsaturated Ketones and Alkynes to 1,2-cyclohexanedione

Faculty Mentor: David Hunt

Student: Tyler Higgins

Through previous research, it has become known that 1,2-cyclohexanedione can be used in Michael addition reactions. The use of 1,2-cyclohexanedione in Michael additions was previously restricted to reactions involving β-nitrostyrenes; this current project sought to expand the amount of Michael additions that 1,2-cyclohexanedione could undergo by examining reactions with different α,β-unsaturated ketones and alkynes.

After determining whether or not there exists a Michael addition reaction between 1,2-cyclohexanedione and these substrates, the next step is to condense the Michael adduct into a new heterocyclic ring structure. These heterocyclic ring structures are known to possess pharmacological activity as anti-cancers and anti-tumors.