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MUSE 2020 Virtual Gallery



Collaborating Across Boundaries Newsletter
by Ian Spiegel, Anushya Shankar, Lana Abdelmohsen, and Neha Ayyalapu Luke Kurlandski, and Abhi Vempati
Faculty Mentors: Kim Pearson, Monisha Pulimood, Diane Bates, Marla Jaksch, John DeGood,
and Kevin Michels
Meeting ID: 938 8974 7545
Passcode: 266873

Collaborating Across Boundaries (CAB)
by Lana Abdelmohsen, Ian Spiegel, Luke Kurlandski, Neha Ayyalapu, and Anushya Shankar
Faculty Mentor: Monisha Pulimood


School of the Arts and Communication

Art and Art History

The Schuylkill River, Microplastics,
Fabric and Paper Arts

by Sarah Valente and Lily Gilston
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Mackie

Printmaking in the Visual Arts
by Lucia Gardiner and Ren MacLean
Faculty Mentor: Marchelo Vera

Interactive Multimedia

Redesigning Creative Coding Education
for Beginner Programmers

by Eliana Gargiulo and Thendral Prabu
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Fishburn



School of Education

Special Education, Language, and Literacy

Fathers’ involvement in education, learning, and development for children with CHARGE syndrome
by Carolyn Rivas
Faculty Mentor: Nadya Pancsofar


School of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

The Effects of 4-He Radiation on the
Material Properties of Bone

by Patricia Thomas
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Lau

Nano-CT Image Processing of Intramuscular
Bone in Herring

by Lara Abdelmohsen, Benjamin Hezrony, Claire Acevedo, and Jean-Philippe Berteau
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Lau

Design and Validation of Parallel Flow Chamber to Support Real-Time Visualization of Thrombi
by Kristen Zozulia
Faculty Mentor: Connie Hall

Combined Effects of Hind-Limb Suspension and Immobilization on Bone Fracture Mechanics
/  Audio
by Rosalie Connell
Faculty Mentor:
Anthony Lau

Bone Strength Changes in Rats Exposed
to Proton Radiation

by Gilberto Torres and Catherine Davis
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Lau

Civil Engineering

Characterization of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Signalized Intersections Using Probe Vehicle Data
 / Audio
by Bryan A. Remache-Patino
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Brennan

Evaluating the Accuracy of the NRCS
Lag Time Equation

 /  Audio
by Austin Farnum and Amanda Stephenson
Faculty Mentor: Michael Horst

Developing a Standard Test for the Strength of Curved Composite Beams
Audio  /  Zoom

by Sofia Zapata
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Bechtel
Zoom Meeting ID:
917 0242 8014


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hardware Synthesis of Model Predictive Control
on a Programmable Logic Controller

 /  Video  /  Class Zoom
by Michael Ralea
Faculty Mentor: Ambrose Adegbege
Class Zoom Meeting ID: 928 5335 3765

Using Linear Matrix Inequalities to Optimize
Anti-windup Gain for Convex Systems

 /  Video  /  Class Zoom
by Francis Moran
Faculty Mentor: Ambrose Adegbege
Class Zoom Meeting ID: 928 5335 3765

Real Time Solver for Model Predictive Control
 /  Video  /  Class Zoom
by Connor Stine
Faculty Mentor: Ambrose Adegbege
Class Zoom Meeting ID: 928 5335 3765

Towards Algorithms for Effective Stabilization
and Situational Awareness for Humanoid Robots

by Madison Bland and Elizabeth Lopez
Faculty Mentor: Seung-yun Kim


Integrative STEM Education

Can a Human-Centered Design Activity Improve the Quality of Low Vision Simulations?
Video  /  Zoom
by Ethan Christopher and Kayla Devosa
Faculty Mentor: Manuel Figueroa

Exploring What Kinds of Questions Students Ask About Earth Science Data Visualizations
by Kofi Koranteng and Brooke Martin
Faculty Mentor: Melissa Zrada


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

English and African American Studies

‘Mama, you ever think about another life?’
Black slave girls and women fight for and
claim their (Afro) future 

by Kameryn Richardson
Faculty Mentor: Piper Kendrix Williams



Howard Crosby Butler Archive
Presentation Slides and Audio  / Zoom
by Ryan Abramowitz and Zach Kozak
Faculty Mentor: Dina Boero
Meeting ID: 983 4853 0816
Passcode: 710298



TCNJ Cognitive Development Lab
by Sana Azam and Daniela Pareja
Faculty Mentor: Aimee Stahl

Assessing Fluency Attributions in an Online Experiment Testing a Community Sample
by Lauren Hollowniczky
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Leynes

The Effects of an After School Program on Academic Achievement and Social Emotional Health
by Sarah Richter
Faculty Mentor: He Len Chung

Social Reactions to Disclosure of Campus Sexual Assault and PTSD Symptoms among Black Female Undergraduates
by Isabel Rodriguez and Rajbir Toor
Faculty Mentor: Joanna Herres

Racial Identity, Racial Solidarity, and Academic Achievement across the African Diaspora
by Dominique Walker
Faculty Mentor: Adaurennaya Onyewuenyi

German Vocabulary Acquisition: The impact of goal orientations on lag effects
by Kelly Lennon
Faculty Mentor: Lisa Grimm


School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science


Socio-Demographic and Coping Correlates of Depressive Symptoms among Low-Income and Ethnic Minority Mothers
Audio  /  Zoom
by Daniella Gadaleta and Helene Lewis
Faculty Mentor: Rahshida Atkins
Meeting ID: 607 886 1856
Passcode: 1975

Teen Mom’s Education, Activities and Children’s Health (TEACH)
by Noelle Carpenter and Jaimie Rue
Faculty Mentor: Tami Jakubowski

Strategies for Coping With a Depressed Mood in Low-Income and Ethnic Minority Mothers At-Risk
by Daniella Gadaleta and Helene Lewis
Faculty Mentor: Rahshida Atkins

Health Break: An Innovative Pedogolgical Approach Aimed at Preparing Nursing Students to Work with Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.
by Andi Aggaroa and Kate Spadaro
Faculty Mentor: Tracy Perron


School of Science


Timing of molt and its effect on plumage
reflectance in the Carolina Chickadee

by Aria Sen
Faculty Mentor: Luke Butler


Determining Morphological Relationships
Among Species of Lonicera

  /  Audio  /  Class Zoom
by Allison Vassalotti
Faculty Mentor: Wendy Clement

Assembling and Reconstructing the Plastid
Phylogeny of Dipsacales

Audio  /  Class Zoom
by Ariel Lerner
Faculty Mentor: Wendy Clement

Deletion Mutants of Enhancer Binding Protein (EBP) genes in Ralstonia solanacearum
by Hirra Chaudhary
Faculty Mentor: Zaara Sarwar
Zoom Meeting ID: 993 7348 5289
Zoom Password:

Cardiorespiratory Responses of 5HT-Deficient Pet-1 Knockout Mice to Repetitive Anoxic Challenges Following in Utero Nicotine Exposure

by Muhammad Siddiqui, Nicole Lester,
and Hannah Morgan
Faculty Mentor: Jeffery Erickson
Meeting ID: 916 9719 6499
Meeting Password: 457647

Using Morphology to study the
Loniceracaerulea Species Complex

Audio  /  Class Zoom
by Kesha Choksi
Faculty Mentor: Wendy Clement

Enhancer Binding Protein (EBP) Regulation of sigma54 Systems in Bacteria
by Brian Gaffney
Faculty Mentor: Zaara Sarwar

Multilateral Evolutionary Transitions
in Individuality (ETIs)

Video  /  Zoom
by Subhana Ahmed and Lakshmi Gurram
Faculty Mentor: Zach Grochau-Wright
Zoom Meeting ID: 939 3761 1089
Zoom Password:


Computer Science

Creating Tools for a Better Understanding
of Datasets

by Corbin Grosso
Faculty Mentor: Michael Bloodgood


Mathematics and Statistics

Ratcheting Fluid Pumps, a Valvless Pumping Technique Bases on Insect Hearts
and Geometric Asymmetry

by Zain Moin
Faculty Mentor: Nicholas Battista

Diophantine Approximation via the ILLL Algorithm
by Joseph Ingenito
Faculty Mentor: Edward Voskanian


Spatial Light Modulator Operation via Python

by Matt Van Soelen
Faculty Mentor: David J. McGee

Particle Imaging System Development for ICE-Ball
by Xuanyi Zhao
Faculty Mentor: Nathan Magee

Inhibition Increases Modularity in
Bursting Neuronal Networks

by Olivia Ortelli, James Clooney, EmilyAnn DeChiara, Noah Devane, and Patricia Thomas
Faculty Mentor: Tuan Nguyen